I am a licensed acupuncturist who owns an acupuncture and chinese medicine clinic in Houston, Texas. www.nharmonyacm.com is the website. I graduated from Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, one of the top Chinese Medicine universities in China. I was trained both on Chinese medicine and west medicine for 5 years. After graduation, I was a surgeon for 4 years before I went to US with my husband. I am qualified for USMLE test, the admission test to become a licensed doctor in US. Only graduates from qualified medical schools are eligible for the test. I also hold a Ph.D. in medical pharmacology from University of Arizona, one of top programs in this field. I love my practices and apply the my expertise on both Chinese medicine/natural therapies and west medicine on patients with good success. However, I can only help limited number of patients with my practice. That is why I began to design the products using my expertise on both natural therapies/west medicine to help more people. I did a lot of literature search and digested all the materials from search before I finalized the designs. All the products are mainly composed of natural ingredients and their medical benefits are maximized. Some products are registered in FDA with NDC numbers.